Our Results & Methods

Here we compile the results of our program and want to give participatory media organisations some tools for working with vulnerable groups.

A quick summary of our suggestions if you start to work with participatory media methods and vulnerable groups

The foundations for our work in participatory media (Work in Progress)

Examples and good practices from all the different european countries that participate in Inmedia (Work in Progress)

Our Videos about Inclusion

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Referential framework
Inmedia Basic Notions of Inclusion
The construction of discourse
Participatory Audiovisual Methodology

Suggestions for Inclusive Work in Educational Media

At our first Meeting in Magdeburg we came up with some important ground suggestions for working with vulnerable groups:

Let go of your Ego
  • include all perspectives
  • get out of your comfort zone
  • learn from others
Don’t stick to mainstream standards.
  • accept technical difficulties
  • try to find your own way of communicating
  • experiment with TV formats
Don’t only focus on the output, but also on the process of learning.
  • listen to the details
  • take your time explaining
Find a common language (also music, pictures,…).
  • use easy language
  • repeat
  • spend money on interpreters and people who help with communication in general
Accept diversity. Make it visible.
  • let people talk
  • let people do extraordinary things
  • address social groups directly
Create a non-jugdemental, safe place/space.
  • create team spirit
  • take time for teambuilding
  • getting to know each other
Be prepared.
  • take time for discussion/brainstorming/developing ideas
  • have a plan
Find a democratic way of decisionmaking
  • include a mediator